Excel to InDesign

Waterline is a kitchen appliance and furniture company with a large product catalogue. Product information including the product name, type, catalogue number, colour, dimensions, and long description are loaded from an Excel spreadsheet in to SetFast which automatically produces an InDesign file of the product catalogue.

Product images (none, one or many per product) are loaded in also, or selected from a watched folder. Design rules are applied ensuring the correct formatting is in place for each section and producing separate files for separate product ranges. A further option in the data sheet allows users to indicate products that are to be promoted more heavily using 1/8, ¼ or ½ page areas; the software works these in to the design automatically.

Before SetFast, Waterline’s designers were copying and pasting the product information so with each catalogue containing approximately 250 pages SetFast automated, many, many man hours were saved.


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